Our first session with Bryan was beyond successful. He included our entire family in the training and quickly bonded with our almost 3 month old puppy. Bryan tailored the training to what we needed, making the most use of our time together. The tools he equipped us with will keep our pup safe, help us to set boundaries and expectations for Stella, and most of all enjoy our time with our new family member. We’re looking forward to more sessions as our girl grows. 

Nicole Meyrick - owner of Stella

I can't recommend Your home dog training enough.  We saw results with our puppy after the first season.  Bryan was very professional, caring, and made sure to work with our whole family.  What a great help to train our puppy in our own home as well!  If you're looking for a trainer, look no further. 

Tony Orgelfinger - owner of S'mores

Bryan is a miracle worker! We thought all hope was lost with our Great Dane puppy until he came over. And now... no more jumping. No more eating all of our plants. No more screaming “COME” into the wind. Our dog has never been happier, and neither have we. Look no further than Bryan if you want to finally have some peace about your beloved pup. We’re now recommending him to everyone. 

Allie Fleder - owner of Doris

I rescued my dog Maggie about a year ago and i have struggled with training her properly. She is very timid, protective and sometimes hard to control when i walk her. I did a lot of research for trainers and i came across Bryan. I booked one session with him... and truly maggie is a changed dog! Bryan sat down with me and we discussed my concerns and what i wanted to improve with my dog. He was very patient, yet very stern with training her and teaching me what is right and wrong when it comes to training her myself. The entire session lasted about 2 hours and bryan was able too accomplish every concern i had with Maggie! I am forever grateful and i 100% will always recommend bryan! Thank you again :) 

Emily Kerrigan - owner of Maggie

Words cannot express how appreciative we are for you! Last year we were literally in crisis. I started working from home, the kids were virtually learning, and we had an almost one year old puppy who was completely out of control. From the incessant barking to the completely ignoring me when I called him, I needed help fast! I love this dog with all my heart but I was ready to tap out! After attending your program, Vader came home a changed dog. And not only did he receive excellent training, it’s so much more than that for me. You treated us like family and Vader like your own dog. And even after training you continue to reach out and provide help whenever we need it. We are forever grateful for you! 

Lauren Conrad - owner of Vader

I could not be more satisfied with Bryan of Your Home Dog Training. I adopted two Bully Breed puppies within a week of each other. After a few weeks, we were so happy our girls became best friends and a pack. Unfortunately Hanna, the eldest, had some encounters with other dogs that made us realize she had dog aggression. Luckily Bryan was recommended to us. He was so fast to respond and easy to communicate with. He came to our home for the first session which was two hours and we met him at a park for a second session where we were in a different atmosphere than home. It was perfect timing in all aspects and we only had two training sessions which tremendously changed our dogs behavior for the better. Our girls were still young enough to be quick learners, and Bryan's explanations and training techniques were easy to pick up (for us humans and the dogs)! He made us all feel confident and comfortable (answering the 1000s of questions I threw at him). Not to mention we all actually had a lot fun and laughed a lot while training. He is so friendly and the LOVES DOGS! The way he was with our girls still makes my heart melt. Thank you so much as you truly made such a huge difference in our girls listening/responding skills! If your goal is to have a well rounded, good mannered, respectable dog and/or get your pup out of bad habits Bryan is your guy!!!! 

Tatiana Calvo - owner of Hanna & Desi

I just wanted to thank you so much for your work with Hunter.  We have seen such an incredible, positive change in him, not just in his behavior but also with his confidence and stress level.  He seems overall so much more at ease which makes us so happy to see!  Your knowledge and experience with dogs has helped us so much and we truly can't thank you enough!

Nicole Longo - owner of Hunter

Governor is doing fantastic. When somebody comes...he behaves. He doesn’t bark, he just chills out. The last time somebody came in it was like he knew. So I just wanted to thank you for everything!

Barbara Einterz - owner of Governor

Maisie is learning every day...this has been a 100% turnaround. Thank you for giving us the dog we knew she was.

Rebecca Hassouna - owner of Maisie

I have you to thank for everything. From recruiting to find her, to transporting her all over the country and training her to be who she is. Juno is really doing well...she is a gem - does everything right...of all the Goldens we could have ended up with, we got the one best suited for me. She is the first Golden I’ve had to walk quietly on a loose leash. She comes 100% of the time I call her. Thank you.

Alan Burkhard - owner of Juno