General (7)

Where is the training?

We bring the training to you at “YOUR HOME!”  We offer private, one-on-one lessons for people all over southern New Jersey (Atlantic, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties).

How long is the training?

We offer a variety of training program options for both puppies and dogs.  We also offer an evaluation session in which you can evaluate our trainer's potential to interact with your dog, while the trainer evaluates your dog's potential for our programs.  Please contact us for detailed program information!

How much does the training cost?

Please call for rates

What age should I begin training my dog/puppy?

Training can begin as soon as you get your puppy. The sooner the better!

Where can I learn more information?

Telephone or Text: 856-562-5488

Email: yourhomedogtraining@gmail.com

Or click on the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page

Is it possible that my dog is incapable of rehabilitation in his/her current setting?

Sometimes dogs may be found to suffer from a condition/behavior which results in an extreme level of risk to the health and safety of people and/or other pets. If your dog may fall into this category, please consult us at YOUR HOME DOG TRAINING or another professional dog trainer with experience in these matters. Extreme behavior in dogs can and has resulted in injury to people and/or other pets. On occasion, dogs have proven incapable of rehabilitation in their present setting. Rehoming may be possible but can be far less feasible after the occurrence (or reoccurrence) of injury caused by the dog