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Fostering great relationships between dogs and people, through education and training which is conveniently provided at your home and customized to meet your individual needs.

Professional dog training at your home:

  • Proven, trusted, reliable trainer.
  • We bring the training to you.
  • Training tailored to suit your needs.
  • Train at a time and place convenient for you.
  • The trainer and time are ALL YOURS; the time is not split with other dog owners.

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bryan trexler and family

Trainer - Bryan Trexler

  • 20+ years’ experience in the care and handling of various dog breeds/temperaments
  • 25 years’ service as a State Trooper - New Jersey State Police (Retired)
  • 14 years assigned to the New Jersey State Police Canine Unit
  • Served as Head Trainer - New Jersey State Police Canine Academy
  • Trained 100+ police and volunteer canine teams over the past 18 years
  • Trained 600+ family pets since retiring from the State Police in 2020
  • Court Certified Expert in NJ & PA on police canine training and handling
  • Numerous commendations, and letters of appreciation for exceptional service
  • United States Police Canine Association Member & Trial Judge
  • Master’s Degree in Education - Seton Hall University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology - LaSalle University

bryan trexler

My name is Bryan Trexler, and while I have been active with dogs my entire life, it was over 20 years ago when, as a New Jersey State Trooper, I began training to become a certified professional.

In the 1990s, I helped educate communities about the benefits of working police canine teams by facilitating live demonstrations featuring their impressive capabilities such as finding missing persons, narcotics and explosives. In 2001, I was selected to attend training for New Jersey State Police Patrol Class #1, which began my 14-year service as a Canine Handler.

Throughout our career, my canine partners and I received numerous commendations for exceptional service, including being honored by both the Governor and the State Legislature. We also achieved many awards for exceptional performance during various police dog competitions.

Due to my passion and aptitude for training others, I eventually became the Head Trainer for the New Jersey State Police Canine Academy. This Academy serves the police canine training needs of numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. For years, I have also trained numerous working civilian canine teams along with family pets.

My extensive training and experience in the care and handling of both pets and working dogs has fully prepared me to assist you with simple solutions to the everyday challenges of dog ownership. From housebreaking and basic obedience training for puppies, to advanced training as dogs grow and become stronger, faster and more determined, my goal is simple: to foster positive interaction and reduce conflict between pets and their owners in order to allow both to live in greater harmony together!

For 25 years I served the citizens of New Jersey as a State Trooper, where I received the finest training and earned the awesome responsibility for training handlers and their high-energy dogs to perform complex, life-saving tasks.  I would love the opportunity to speak with you, earn your trust and assist you with all of “Your Home Dog Training” needs!  Feel free to give me a call or a text anytime!  

Bryan Trexler, Owner - Your Home Dog Training