dog trainer with a sitting dog and standing owner

Finder of Lost Souls: The True Story of K9 "Kid" Cadaver Dog & Beloved Companion

This is the real-life story of K9 "Kid", the lone cadaver detection canine for the New Jersey State Police during the decade from 2005-2015. K9 "Kid" was the partner of (retired) Trooper Bryan Trexler, who is the owner/trainer for "Your Home Dog Training!" Please click on our About Us page to learn more information about Bryan and his training background!

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Check Out "Your Home Dog Training" on NBC 10's "Clear The Shelters" Story!

Owner/Trainer Bryan Trexler appears in this story featuring two of our very special clients. After Jen rescued her dog "Nuxi" from a local shelter, the two have been training, traveling, and living a fabulous life together ever since!

About Your Home Dog Training

Fostering great relationships between dogs and people, through education and training which is conveniently provided at your home and customized to meet your individual needs.

Professional dog training at your home:

  • Proven, trusted, reliable trainer.
  • We bring the training to you.
  • Training tailored to suit your needs.

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dog trainer with a sitting dog and standing owner


Are you feeling...

  • Frustrated / Annoyed - that your dog won’t listen to you like you thought they would?
  • Sad / Disappointed - that you are not enjoying the company of your dog like you hoped you would?
  • Confused / Lost - because almost nothing you say or do seems to get through to your dog?
  • Stressed / Exhausted- that despite your best efforts, your dog only seems to be getting stronger and more determined to do things their own way?
  • Worried / Afraid - that your dog’s excited behavior might injure a child, other person or dog? or that your dog will continue to destroy your floors, furniture or other objects in your home? or that they might run away or run out into the street because they won’t come back to you when called?

Your Home Dog Training Will Help You Feel...

  • Pleased / Delighted- that your dog will pay attention to you and respond to your commands!
  • Happy / Proud - to do things with your dog not only at home but also in public!
  • Prepared / Capable - that you and your dog are both well trained to handle any situation / behavior!
  • Relaxed / Rejuvenated - that your dog no longer requires so much of your mental and physical energy!
  • Calm / Confident - that your dog will be a well-mannered and trusted member of your family who you can be proud of!

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Benefits Of Training Your Dog At Your Home:

  • Safety: Never before were you truly safer than you are today in “YOUR own HOME!”
  • Logical: Almost ALL of your dog’s time is spent at “Your Home,” so that is where most of your training should take place!
  • Convenient: Why invest all of your resources to train at a time/place convenient for SOMEONE ELSE? We train you at the place (“YOUR HOME”) and the time that is most convenient FOR YOU!
  • Cost Effective: You save time and money on travel; fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle. Plus, ALL of the training time belongs to you and YOU ALONE! No need to share training time with other dogs and their owners.
  • Personalized: The training program is CUSTOM TAILORED according to YOUR NEEDS! It is not a “one-size-fits-all” mentality which is often applied to group training classes. No two dogs are the same. Each dog needs to be treated differently. That is why not all dogs do well in group sessions. Our one-on-one training classes progress at the learning pace of each dog: if your dog is a fast learner they get more accomplished in less time. If your dog is shy and nervous, the class can go slow and at their pace.
  • Comprehensive: It doesn’t help to train the dog if the owner doesn’t know how to reinforce the training, so we don’t just train the dog, we also train the owner.
  • Lasting: We also encourage all owners to contact us with any follow up questions they may have after we leave, and we are always available to come back if necessary.

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  • Our first session with Bryan was beyond successful. He included our entire family in the training and quickly bonded with our almost 3 month old puppy. Bryan tailored the training to what we needed, making the most use of our time together. The tools he equipped us with will keep our pup safe, help us to set boundaries and expectations for Stella, and most of all enjoy our time with our new family member. We’re looking forward to more sessions as our girl grows. 

    - Nicole Meyrick

    owner of Stella
  • I can't recommend Your home dog training enough.  We saw results with our puppy after the first season.  Bryan was very professional, caring, and made sure to work with our whole family.  What a great help to train our puppy in our own home as well!  If you're looking for a trainer, look no further. 

    - Tony Orgelfinger

    owner of S'mores
  • Bryan is a miracle worker! We thought all hope was lost with our Great Dane puppy until he came over. And now... no more jumping. No more eating all of our plants. No more screaming “COME” into the wind. Our dog has never been happier, and neither have we. Look no further than Bryan if you want to finally have some peace about your beloved pup. We’re now recommending him to everyone. 

    - Allie Fleder

    owner of Doris
  • I rescued my dog Maggie about a year ago and i have struggled with training her properly. She is very timid, protective and sometimes hard to control when i walk her. I did a lot of research for trainers and i came across Bryan. I booked one session with him... and truly maggie is a changed dog! Bryan sat down with me and we discussed my concerns and what i wanted to improve with my dog. He was very patient, yet very stern with training her and teaching me what is right and wrong when it comes to training her myself. The entire session lasted about 2 hours and bryan was able too accomplish every concern i had with Maggie! I am forever grateful and i 100% will always recommend bryan! Thank you again :) 

    - Emily Kerrigan

    owner of Maggie